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"Jeremy Brett: A Journey Through Time"

From "Svengali" to "Sherlock Holmes", and then on to one last performance in "Moll Flanders", this video charts the outstanding performances of one of Britain's best-loved actors.

No copyright infringement was intended with our creation of this video. Please see below for the full Disclaimer.

The Jeremy Brett - A Journey Through Time Video was created by BAFTA 4 JB with the sole aim of presenting our campaign through a series of clips of Jeremy Brett's performances ranging from 1954 to 1996, the very last of them (Moll Flanders) having been released after Mr. Brett's passing in 1995.

No copyright infringement was intended with our creation of this video, nor with the "mix" created for the Moll Flanders performance. The use of the "BAFTA 4 JB" textual watermark during the sequences, as well as the use of the campaign's logo at the end, aims solely to state that this video was created by our team.

Whilst every effort has been made to list the original credits of the clips used in this video, it is possible that some of the information below may not be completely accurate.

Clips from the following performances have been included in this video:

"More Loverly Than Ever. The Making Of "My Fair Lady"", Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) / Warner Bros. Pictures, 1994
"Svengali", Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM), 1954
"War and Peace", Paramount Pictures, 1956
"The Wild and The Willing" (a.k.a. "Young and Willing"), The Rank Organisation / Universal Pictures, 1962
"The Very Edge", The British Lion Film Corporation, 1963
"Girl In The Headlines", The British Lion Film Corporation, 1963
"My Fair Lady", Warner Bros. Pictures, 1964
"An Act of Reprisal", Wilbur Stark Productions, 1965
"The Three Musketeers", The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), 1966
"The Baron" ("The Seven Eyes of The Night"), Associated Television / The Incorporated Television Company (ITC), 1967
"The Merry Widow", The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), 1968
"BBC Play of The Month: An Ideal Husband", The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), 1969
"The Champions" ("Desert Journey"), The Incorporated Television Company (ITC), 1967
"BBC Play of The Month: The Rivals", The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), 1970
"The Protectors" ("With A Little Help From My Friends"), The Incorporated Television Company (ITC), 1973
"The Merchant of Venice", The National Theatre Company / Associated Television (ATV), 1974
"Haunted: The Ferryman", Granada Television, 1974
"Wide World Mystery" /"Thriller" ("One Deadly Owner"), The Incorporated Television Company (ITC), 1974
"Affairs of The Heart" ("Grace"), London Weekend Television (LWT), 1974
"Jennie: Lady Randolph Churchill", Thames Television, 1974
"The Prodigal Daughter", Anglia Television, 1975
"The Twiggy Show", The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), 1975
"BBC Play of the Month: The Picture of Dorian Gray", The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), 1976
"Supernatural" ("Mr. Nightingale"), The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), 1977
"Young Dan'l Boone" ("The Trail Blazer"), 20th Century Fox Television, 1977
"The Medusa Touch", Coatesgold / The Incorporated Television Company (ITC), 1978
"The Incredible Hulk" ("Of Guilt, Models and Murder"), Marvel Productions, 1978
"Rebecca", The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), 1979
"Hart to Hart" ("Death In The Slow Lane"), Columbia Pictures Television / Rona II / Spelling-Goldberg Productions, 1979
"Battlestar Gallactica" ("Spaceball"), Glen A. Larson Productions, 1980
"BBC Play of The Month: On Approval", The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), 1980
"The Secret of Seagull Island", The Incorporated Television Company (ITC), 1981)
"Macbeth", The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), 1981
"Madame X", Levenback-Riche Productions, 1981
"The Good Soldier", Granada Television, 1981
"The Barretts of Wimpole Street", The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), 1982
"Number 10" ("Bloodlines"), Yorkshire Television (YTV), 1983
"The Love Boat" ("Ace's Valet/Mother Comes first/Hit or Miss America"), Aaron Spelling Productions / Douglas S. Cramer Company / The Love Boat Company, 1984
"Florence Nightingale", Cypress Point Productions, 1985
"Deceptions", Columbia Pictures Television, 1985
"The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" ("The Blue Carbuncle", "A Scandal In Bohemia", "The Naval Treaty", "The Red-Headed League"), Granada Television, 1984-1985
"The Return of Sherlock Holmes" ("The Empty House", "The Musgrave Ritual", "The Second Stain", "The Sign of Four", "The Devil's Foot", "The Bruce Partignton Plans"), Granada Television, 1986-1988
The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes ("The Problem of Thor Bridge", "The Illustrious Client", "The Master Blackmailer"), Granada Television, 1991-1993
"The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes" ("The Cardboard Box", "The Dying Detective", "The Red Circle"), Granada Television, 1994
"Moll Flanders", Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), 1996